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The Best Meditation Retreats

Retreats are a great way to initiate a personal exploration of Buddhism and also on yourself. There are thousands of Buddhist Monasteries and dharma centers that have sprung up in the west and offer many kinds of retreats for Buddhist. There are workshop retreats that focus on Zen art such as Kung fu, retreats for silent meditation and families retreats. Below are 5 of the world best Buddhism retreats.

Spirit rock, California

130624151200-med-retreat-spirit-rock-horizontal-large-galleryThe meditation center is in Marin county. Native Americans used this land to perform spiritual rites. The center hosts a full program of a day long and residential retreats that are held throughout the year, run as long as two months as well as the classes that explore the themes of meditation and its relation to life in modern society. People go for the healing of the heart or healing of the body. Others may go when they are in life transition and need to listen deeply to what is the next thing that is asked of them or even how to deal with some changes in their lives. When people walk in nature they get to listen to their own breath and their feelings and through this they grow a sense of stillness and clarity. The guests normally look 10 years younger after a week of retreat in Spirit Rock.

Retreat centre, Kwazulu, South Africa

3691662690_5c27b2a085_b_960_472_80auto_s_c1_center_bottomThe centre is just 90 minutes drive from Durban. It is located in Lxopo. The former president Nelson Mandera awarded the center, National heritage status because of using environmental friendly approach to using indigenous plants and helped to save the endangered species of Blue swallow. The centre is perched a top ridge overlooking indigenous valleys, rolling hills and forest. People of all types go to this retreat center to experience peace and tranquility. This place offers a gentle and sympathy to ensure that you are still and you get in touch with oneself. People who enjoy solitude and want to escape from the modern world, this Buddhist centre is the place to visit.

Kalyana centre for mindfulness, Ireland

shutterstock_140669782The centre for mindfulness is located Dingle Peninsula. The classes and retreats are based on mindfulness meditation and stress reduction. They usually intergrateNye and Tibetan healing yoga. The longer treats are residential and you spend mostly in silence. The meditation includes lying down, walking, and sitting. They also practice loving kindness as well as compassion practise in some of the retreats.

Londolozi, South Africa

Londolozi Yoga

Londolozi is a private game reserve in the Greater Kruger National Park region of South Africa. It is a luxury hotel renowned around the world for it’s spiritual connection to nature. Londolozi offers a number of spiritual activities during their guests’ stays, including yoga practise and meditation.

Middle way meditation, Thailandmiddleway1

The centre is surrounded by lush tropical forest and rolling green hills in the northeastern. The practice is centered around Dhammakaya which focus on the centre of the body to have consciousness. It has outdoor and indoor meditation space, outdoor dining. In the centre, guests are required to avoid any destructive behaviour, for example, killing a mosquito.

Osho meditation, India

osho-meditation-resortHere many people reconnect with themselves as a part of meaningful life. The resort includes extensive Zen gardens, meditation auditorium and seminar place. They focus on active meditation. Following Osho beliefs., guest are required to wear dark red robes.