About Us

What is Shantikula Travel?

The sole objective of Shantikula Travel is to give just the facts about one of the world’s primary religions – Buddhism – and topics of this particular religious interest. Each and every effort has been taken up to give material from a neutral, educational perspective.

This website doesn’t have any mission or agenda apart from to offer helpful and interesting information regarding Buddhism religion within an accessible format. Our objective is to blend the advantages of the print encyclopedia of religion along with the unique abilities of the Web to produce a single convenient website for information about Buddhism.

Who is this website written for?

The details on Shantikula Travel is supposed to be comprehensive and reliable enough for young students, teachers, writers and religious experts, and also available and helpful to people that have just restricted understanding of religion. Shantikula Travel thereby provides comprehensive articles and coverings of specialised topics and also just-the-basics overviews, figures, and facts, timeframes, locations, glossaries, as well as people practising the religion.

In the same way, Shantikula Travel is intended as a useful source of people of Buddhism religious background. Its aim is to allow you to discover more about your very own faith, assess it with some other location of the same faith, check out numerous belief systems, or simply satisfy your desire for some element of that religion.

Why was this site founded?

This website began for the very same reason many sites show up – searching for a particular type of website that will give you information about Buddhism and its people! These days, more and more people from different backgrounds around the world are adopting the Teachings of the Buddha and so, we will introduce you who was the Buddha and what are his teachings.

Thank you for visiting Shantikula Travel!