aa avuxeni dumelang goeiedag lotjhani molo ndaa sanibonani こんにちは salut aloha hola γειά σου 你好

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13 April 2015

dharma byte

loving kindness,
which is freedom of heart,
it glows, it shines, it blazes forth

Sitting together at Shantikula

The Buddha's teachings are being appreciated and emulated, as philosophy or lifestyle, by many people worldwide.

Shrine candle at Shantikula South Africa

Buddhism's transformative path is not a psychological tool, nor a magical wand to change things. It is a practice uniquely explored by each person as they engage with the teachings of Buddha Shakyamuni.

Aloe from our garden

At Shantikula, and within Triratna, we aspire to follow-, to practice- and to realise the Buddha's path of transformation.

Shantikula Buddha

Do come and visit Shantikula if you are interested in Buddhism or meditation, or have any queries, or even just come and see our space.

Shantikula in Johannesburg is part of the international Triratna Buddhist Community. Triratna is a network of engaged practitioners, many of whom create or facilitate spaces for sharing the Three Jewels of Buddhism. Sangarakshita’s vision, encouraged and guided by his teachers, of an engaged Buddhist practice that is current and realistic, has created relevant frameworks for the practice of Dharma today.

The shrine room at Shantilkula meditation centre in Johannesburg
The  African-based Buddha rupa in the shrine room at Shantikula, Johannesburg

Buddhist meditation classes, Dharma study, various Buddhist meditation courses (both introductory and more advanced), day retreats, devotional practice and more are part of our monthly offerings at Shantikula. Hearing, discussing and sharing the teachings of the Buddha as community or Sangha is what grows individual understanding and practical wisdom, that resonates strongly in a constantly changing world.

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04 May 2015


We’re very happy to announce that Vajrasakhi will be coming to South Africa for a visit from the 26th of March untill the 9th of April. Vajrasakhi lives and works at Tiratanaloka Buddhist Centre in Wales – the women’s ordination training centre for the UK.While she’s in Johannesburg she will give a talk or two at Sangha nights Monday 30th March and 6th of April, and she and Dhammamegha will be running a retreat together at Emoyeni on the Easter long weekend from the 2nd to the 6th of April. There are still a few places left on the emoyeni retreat if you’d like to join the retreat.

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